Here are ten reasons why you should get a .mobi domain name and make your site mobile:
1. Did you know that mobile browsing is expected to be mainstream? Ipsos Insight's 2005 "The Face of the Web" study shows significant increases in ownership of mobile phones and mobile surfing by mainstream users.

2. Do you want to reach a massive customer base? Meet the 1.3 billion users who will have Internet access on their mobile by 2008. (That's 36% more mobile Internet users than PC-based Internet users, says the Gartner Group).

3. Did you still regret not having the name you could have registered? Right now, you have your choice of some highly desirable names. One of them could be yours, but this will not last.

4. Do you envy the folks who got there first? Establish your own presence on the mobile Internet now and be ahead of your competitors.

5. Let's say you have a mobile version of your site. Do you have to constantly recite the URL so you don't forget? Get a shorter, easier-to-remember URL. Instead of or addresses, you can use the simple Your customers will thank you.

6. Want to thwart cyber squatters from the start? Protect your identity and trademarks by registering them as .mobi addresses.

7. Do you want to increase your brand's visibility? There's no better way than to extend your reach beyond PC-based content and into the new mobile world.

8. Ever been asked by your customers to make some of your PC-based site's features available via mobile? With a .mobi site, you are able to make many of these favorite features available to your customers on the go.

9. Do you wonder how you can do this all and still not spend a fortune? It's easy with dotMobi Switch On! Guides as well as free tools to build and validate your site.

10. And finally, do you constantly search for ways to improve your customers' online experience? Then extend their online experience to the mobile phone. After all, they may be expecting it.
.mobi gives any content provider the means to reach a massive new audience without the expense or limitation of dealing with multiple carriers and their walled gardens.
Try .mobi sites yourself. Use your mobile phone and visit
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